June - The Riots in Brazil
(dir. João Wainer)


JUNE shows what’s happening right now in Brazil, the country of the World Cup. Watch the movie that tells the story that goes beyond the football fields.

JUNE was produced by the newspaper FOLHA DE SAO PAULO, the largest newspaper of Latin America. In JUNE the Brazilians took to the streets shouting against the increase in public transportation and even created a war against corruption and the lack of social structure. “Award-winning news coverage”. JUNE the revolts in Brazil in a way you’ve never seen!

Directed by
João Wainer

Screenplay and by
Cesar Gananian and João Wainer

Editing by
Cesar Gananian

Carlos Cecconello, Felix Lima, Gustavo Veiga, Henrique Cartaxo, Isadora Brant, João Wainer, Marlene Bergamo, Rodrigo Machado
André Felipe, André Monteiro, Cesar Gananian. Bia Bittencourt, Carlos Cecconello, Dani de Lamare, Douglas Lambert, Felix Lima, Fernanda Kalena, Fernando Canzian, Giba Bergamin Jr, Giuliana Vallone, Henrique Cartaxo, João Wainer, Marlene Bergamo, Ricardo Gallo, Rodrigo Machado, Sabine Righetti, Talita Bedinelli

Fernanda Kalena, Giuliana Vallone, Márcio Neves, Melina Cardoso, Yago Metring

Original Soundtrack
Tejo Damasceno, Rica Amabis

Instituto, Criolo, Tulipa Ruiz, Sujeito a Guincho, Maria José Carrasqueira, Daniel Bózzio

Sound Mixing
Diego Techera/YB Studios

Douglas Lambert

Art Direction
Bia Bittencourt

Post Production
André Felipe

Executive Producers
Fernando Canzian and João Wainer

Tv Folha

O2 Play