Film Sound
(dir. Cesar Gananian
and Alexandre Moura)


Roberto Michelino is an inventor of musical instruments who goes through the city surrounded by sounds he creates himself.The plastic and sound composition are an invitation for the audience to immerse in a hypnotic and kinesthetic experience. A film to see the sound and to listen to the images.

Director, Screenplay and Editor
Cesar Gananian & Alexandre Moura

Roberto Michelino and his sounds’ gantry

Camila Picolo & Athanasios Kalogiannis

Art Direction and Costume Design
Ana Lisboa

Recording and Mixing
Dino Vicente

Sound Design
Roberto Michelino, Alexandre Moura & Cesar Gananian

Filmed by
Camila Picolo, Athanasios Kalogiannis, Artur Curval, Cesar Gananian and Renata Camargo

Art Direction Assistant
Rim Chiaradia

Colorist e Visual Effects
Polenga J.R.

Diego Ribeiro

Margot Brandão

Public Relations
Priscila Cotta

FILMDESIGN in association with  Dv Música